Main steel grade offered by Italinox

Shortened steel specification

AISI 304/304L-applied for food and chemical industry devices and pressed parts, resistant to corrosion in all weather, water, alkaline solutions, some of the organic and inorganic acid conditions
AISI 316/316L/316Ti-contains molybdenum, therefore more resistant to pitting corrosion in chloride ions conditions
AISI 321-applied for heat exchangers, parts exposed to aggressive preservatives and devices with a working temperature of around 200°C
AISI 309-applied for mechanical parts operating at working temperature up to 1050°C, heat treatment after welding not required, heating up while welding required
AISI 310-applied for heavily loaded mechanical parts operating at working temperature up to 1150°C
AISI 314-applied for heavily loaded mechanical parts operating at high working temperature, in methane conversion, gas pyrolysis and hydrogenation conditions
AISI 303-Steels of this grade are specially designed for machining. Due to high sulfur content (0.15 - 0.35%), the steels within this grade have a very good machinability but lower resistance to corrosion and a slightly lower toughness than corresponding steels with normal sulfur content. Steel of this type is not readily cold workable and weldable. Available in form of bars only. Applications include screws, nuts and other machined parts when higher corrosion resistance than AISI 430 provides is required.
AISI 430-applied for the construction industry, household appliances and decorative parts
Austenitic steel-Steel with low thermal conductivity (comparing to copper and aluminum alloys), high ductility, also in liquid nitrogen or helium conditions, good corrosion resistance and weldability
Ferritic steel
AISI 439/441
-resistance to corrosion, low weldability - only in argon atmosphere, good magnetic properties, low thermal expansion, no special tools and devices required for processing. Applied as a heat-resistant goods in combustion gas atmosphere with sulfur contents. Applications: bakery furnace, chimneys exposed to combustion gases, parts of motor-car body, household appliances
DUPLEX-austenitic-ferritic structure, designed to work in aggressive chlorides and sulfan (hydrogen sulfide) atmosphere, weldable