ITALINOX-Polska - Grinding and mirror polishing

ITALINOX POLSKA has possibility to offer  services of grinding and mirror polishing of round pipes, bars, flat bars , square bars,  square and rectangular tubes, in dimensions:

Round pipes - range of diameters from 5mm to 250mm, mirror polishing and grinding corn 80-1200

Square and rectangular tubes - grinding corn 80-1200, dimensions from 10mm x 10mm to 200mm x 200mm and mirror polishing from 10mm x 10mm to 150mm x 150mm

Round bars - grinding corn 80-1200 and mirror polishing, diameters from 5mm to 100mm

Flat bars - grinding corn 80-1200, range of widths from 10mm to 300mm; mirror polishing width until 100mm

Square bars - grinding corn 80-1200 and mirror polishing dimensions from 10mm x 10mm to 100mm x 100mm